3 thoughts on “Document Camera as Chalkboard Substitute”

  1. A few updates / comments:
    * This may not be the style you’re interested in creating, but hopefully it gives you some insight into pros/cons/considerations.
    * With a little practice I think the actual recording would take me about the same amount of time as normal lecture prep + presentation. The “production”, however, takes additional time. Hopefully this may be handled by academic assistants (although expect some start-up time with some back-and-forth discussions).
    * Here’s a site that will produce nice lined paper: http://gridzzly.com/

  2. I really overuse the phrases “this case” and “my case”. I’m reminded of the student who made Bill-phrase bingo card for my Comp. Org course (I suspect it may have had off-label uses for a drinking game)

  3. Forgot to mention: I captured the Doc Camera video with the Longjoy app on a Mac (It’s a Longjoy LV-1020 camera). I noticed the app was flakey — at higher resolutions it seemed to stop recording without notice (perhaps a buffer filled and it failed silently?). Proceed with caution if you use the Longjoy app (in their defense it is labelled as a beta app).

    Other apps can easily be used for recording since it’s just treated like a USB camera.

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