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2020 CCSC Midwest Conf Workshop: Micro:bit Magic

Workshop Slides

Slides (notes format with full builds)


Pre-workshop Prep

  • Please use a recent version of Google Chrome for all Workshop activities.
  • Many activities can be tested in a web browser but are more satisfying with hardware. Options for buying hardware are below. Note that:
    • Micro:bits come with a USB Type-A cable. If you have a machine with only USB-C, be sure you have an adapter (For example: Amazon).
    • One activity will demonstrate micro:bit to micro:bit radio communication, which can be done in the simulator or with two real micro:bits. I recommend getting two micro:bits, but it’s a small component of the workshop.

Purchasing hardware

You can either purchase a complete kit from me or buy parts individually:

  1. To purchase a complete kit from me:
    • Please request a kit by Sept. 15th
    • Kits will be shipped approximately one week before the workshop (by Sept 18th).
    • I buy in quantity and/or at a discount from a local store, so kits may be cheaper than buying all parts individually.
    • Payment may be made by PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, or sending a personal check. Contact me at: for details.
    • There are two options:
      1. Kit with 1 micro:bit Go and one set of clips/sensor/headphones (sufficient for about 90% of the workshop activities): $30
      2. Kit with 2 micro:bit Gos and one set of clips/sensor/headphones: $45

  2. To purchase items individually from Amazon:
    1. Get one or two Micro:bit Go kits: Amazon
    2. Two alligator clips: Amazon (this is a pack of 10, but only two are needed)
    3. Headphones or earbuds with phono connector (it’s likely that you already have some): Amazon
    4. (Optional temperature/humidity sensor): BOTH:
      1. DHT-11 sensor: Amazon Sensor 5 pack
      2. 3 alligator-to-male pin cables: Amazon Cables (10 male-ended, 10 female-ended)

SIGCSE 2019 Micro:bit Magic Workshop

Feedback Form

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Programs Used in Workshop


Curated Micro:bit Links

Offline App for Windows and macOS


Citizen Science

IoT Applications

Great Resources


Making Blocks